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VAS Digital Broadcasting & IPTV Technology

Digital and IPTV Transformation for your Hotel Business


VAS Technology offers the technology and the support needed to provide your guests with a first-rate television experience. As an international leader in video solutions we can supply high-quality FiberOptic, Coaxial, Satellite, Terrestrial and Internet streaming solutions for your hotel rooms, and give your guests access to entertaining TV programs through multiple channels. It does not matter whether you are planning to set up a headend solution for Digital TV (DTV), IPTV or OTT – the system can be configured for your specific needs. With the rapid changes in media consumption, many hotels consider combining Internet and TV services, while at the same time hotel guests expect high image quality.

Our products ensure the highest possible image quality and can easily be integrated with an interactive TV system at any time. This way, hotels may change their strategy to a consistent IPTV supply and combine these services with attractive features, such as local hotel channels in HD. Our customers those who have embraced VAS technology solution are happy with the picture quality and features behind the system.


  • Hospitality Integrated DTV
  • Hospitality In-House Channel (HIC)
  • Hospitality VAS Tuner + Single Remote
  • Hospitality End to End IPTV Solution



Our modules are simple, flexible, and powerful, with our exchangeable modules, enjoy your own headend not like any others.



Nomaden TV Technology is a platform designed to enchant your Hospitality entertainment and experience. Created to enhance your Guest experience, Nomaden TV is a cloud based in-room entertainment that provides multiple entertainment source catered to your Guest's delight.

For more information call us at (021) 2910-6600 or sales@nomaden.co.id and www.nomaden.co.id